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Avoid These Foods If You Have Arthritis

If you suffer from arthritis, you’ve probably been told the only way to deal with your joint pain is to take medication, both prescription and over-the-counter.

Here’s what you probably weren’t told:

The single most important influence on not only managing, but also healing your arthritis, is the food you eat.

Yes, what most doctors don’t tell you is that you do not have to suffer — if you eat an anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritis diet, and you heal your gut and your immune system —  you can live a pain-free life. It’s that simple!

This is exactly why Dr. Blum, our Medical Director of Blum Center for Health, the medical center where I am Director of Nutrition, wrote her new book, Healing Arthritis. After being diagnosed with arthritis, she cured herself, and then spent the better part of two years studying arthritis and writing this book. How do I know it works? Because we successfully treat our patients with the very same protocol every day! Learn More about Healing Arthritis

What Food Has to do With Your Arthritis

The scientific evidence is clear that food is the #1 root cause of arthritis and other chronic inflammatory conditions. To understand this, you need to make the connection between food and gut health. If your gut, which is your entire digestive tract, is out of balance, a condition called dysbiosis and leaky gut, your joints will swell and ache. And the health of your gut is mostly determined by what you are feeding the microbes (the bacteria that live in your gut).  

So, how do you use food as medicine to relieve your joint pain? A great place to start is eliminating the foods that we have discovered can aggravate arthritis pain. Remember, this is a temporary diet. While you remove these foods, you should be working on treating dysbiosis and healing your leaky gut, and once you do, you will likely be able to eat these foods again.

Dr. Blum describes in detail how to do this in her new book, Healing Arthritis, and she has also designed a companion coaching program that includes healing the gut. → Learn More about the Simply Arthritis Group Coaching Program

However, removing foods that trigger arthritis symptoms now can provide great relief and reduce your pain!

Avoid These Foods to Reduce Arthritis Pain

  • Processed foods that are high in sugar, white flour, food dyes and preservatives. These foods promote the growth of the wrong kind of bacteria in your gut. We recommend taking these foods out permanently. This includes fruit juices, high sugar fruit, dried fruit, all added sugar and artificial sweeteners except stevia. It also includes processed white flour products like muffins, cakes, breads, cookies and crackers, even if they are gluten-free. These foods have an addictive quality to them, resist!
  • All nightshades. These contain a chemical called solanine, which causes inflammation and joint pain in arthritis sufferers. Avoid tomatoes, white potatoes, all peppers, eggplants, paprika, salsa, chili peppers, cayenne, chili powder and goji berries. You can do a challenge with this group of foods – take them out for 21 days, and then add them back to see how they make you feel.
  • Gluten, dairy, soy, corn, eggs and peanuts. These foods are the most common triggers for system-wide inflammation (like arthritis), as well as gut symptoms (like reflux, gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation and abdominal discomfort). Sorry eggs, not every-body loves you! Again, you can take them out for 21 days, and then add them back in one-by-one to see how they make you feel.
  • Alcohol. This causes inflammation in the body, stressing your gut and detox systems.
  • Coffee:  Organic coffee is high in antioxidants, but many people have a dependency on this high-caffeine beverage to manage energy and focus during the day. See how you feel without it. Then, you can add one cup back in after you experience life without it, if you truly need it. For decaf, use Swiss-water processed (no chemicals).
  • Grains: If you have severe arthritis or autoimmune disease, your gut is likely very damaged. In addition to removing gluten, you might need to remove all grains to feel better.  

Remove these foods and you will be amazed at how much better you will feel without them. This is a fantastic first step!

And guess what? You can do this on your own!

In Dr. Blum’s new book, Healing Arthritis, she presents the exact 3-Step Protocol that we use with our patients at Blum Center for Health. You will learn the best food plan for arthritis, the precise supplements and dosage we recommend for an arthritis-free life, how to build resiliency so that life’s stressors won’t affect your health, and what your gut has to do with your arthritis symptoms. In essence, Dr. Blum’s newest book gives you all the tools you need to fix your gut and heal your arthritis. Get The Book Now

Remember, the #1 step you can take starting today is to remove the foods I outlined above. Do this, and you will begin feeling better with less pain and more vitality.

About Mary: Mary Gocke, Director of Nutrition at Blum Center for Health, has been successfully using food and nutrition science to treat and heal people with chronic illnesses and acute conditions for over 25 years. When Mary’s not helping people feel better through nutrition, this mother of two grown children can be found practicing yoga, which she has taught for years, or in her kitchen cooking something colorful.


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