Healing Joint Pain and Inflammation

Led by Dr. Susan Blum, leading Functional Medicine Physician and Author of Healing Arthritis

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  • The 3 things you have to do (which very few doctors will ever tell you) to not only reverse your arthritis but help you prevent flares in the future. 
  • The connection between your gut health and inflammation. 
  •  How you can start to feel better in less than 2 weeks!

About Your Presenter: Susan Blum, MD MPH 

Dr. Susan Blum is a best-selling author and the foremost expert on healing and treating arthritis.  

It is her mission to help people live an arthritis-free life. Her work has helped to heal, treat, and prevent chronic diseases for nearly two decades.  

She is the founder of the internationally recognized Blum Center for Health and serves on the Medical Advisory Board for The Dr. Oz Show.  

Susan Blum, MD MPH Founder and Medical Director Blum Center for Health  

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