Immune System Strong: The 30-Day Reset


This 30-Day Reset, based on Dr. Blum’s newly-revised (and reprinted!) bestselling book, The Immune System Recovery Plan, will help you build resiliency against autoimmune and infectious diseases. This is the best way to help your immune system protect you from autoimmune disease, tick infections, and contagious pathogens, like COVID’s new variants, the flu and the common cold.  Are you ready for an immune system tune-up? Join us!

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The COVID pandemic brought to light the clear message that you must insure that your immune system can keep you as healthy as possible. Those with compromised immune systems struggled more (much more) with COVID. Thousands of people have reached out since the COVID pandemic exploded asking “What can I do to strengthen my immune system?”

And those with Autoimmune conditions want to know “how can I safely support my immune system and fight infections at the same time?”

This wish compelled Dr. Blum to create Immune System Strong – now offered as a 30-day reboot from its original 8-week format. You might be wondering … Why has Immune System Strong been reconfigured as a 30-Day program? We have been running online group programs for years, and based on feedback from our loyal participants, we have learned that many of you are struggling with post-pandemic fatigue — meaning, you don’t have the bandwidth for a long, multi-week program.

The newly-reimagined 30-Day Reset features ONE LIVE Q&A SESSION with Dr. Blum as well as  4 pre-recorded VIDEO CLASSES featuring Dr. Blum, specifically tailored to improve the functioning of your immune system, no matter what your underlying health issue or concern might be. It also includes 5 LIVE COACHING CALLS with our Lead Health Coach, Melissa Rapoport.

As a fully immersive experience, this program includes all the written materials you need to follow the program — an online learning platform that outlines every lesson in detail, a workbook, weekly action plans, guided audio meditations, shopping lists, food plans, and recipes.

In addition, you will gain access to the group’s private Facebook community where you can interact with your coach, and other members of the group. Immune System Strong is unique — you have Dr. Blum as your guide and teacher, our lead health coach with you every step of the way, and unparalleled support to help you fortify your immune system.

You also have the option of purchasing Blum Health supplements from us, and we offer you many choices.  You can purchase them individually, or as bundled kits at a nice discount.

  • Step One: Immune Repair Kit: The Essentials has all immune system supporting supplements we recommend for the duration of the program.  BUY NOW
  • Step Two: Learn to Relax Toolkit: Is included in your program and delivered on a week-by-week basis.
  • Step Three: HealMyGut: The 10-Day HealMyGut Bundle has all the Gut Repair supplements you need for the duration of the program.  BUY NOW
  • Step Four: Whole Life Detox: The Detox Kit has everything you need for the entire program in one place!  BUY NOW
  • Individual supplements to buy as-you-go.  BUY NOW
  • NOTE: Not ready to jump into supplements? Not to worry, we will help you figure out the must-haves during the first coaching session.
  • Do you live outside the United States? While we do not ship outside the United States, you will receive an International Supplement list in your course materials!

Refund Policy: This product is non-refundable after the first session.  Until then, it cannot be returned in its entirety as the price includes digitally printed material ($25 value) which will be deducted from your refund.  Details of our return policy can be found in our Terms of Use – CLICK HERE.

Join our community and you will be on your way to optimizing your immune system, and living healthy with less worry.

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