Immune System Strong

$447.00 or $447.00 $223.50 / month for 2 months

The best way to combat Coronavirus and other viruses, like the flu and the common cold, is by helping your immune system function as best as it possibly can.  This 8-Week program, lead by Dr. Blum, will help you build resiliency against flu and viruses.  Join us!

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Thousands of people have reached out and asked, “I don’t want to contract COVD-19. I want to make my immune system rock solid, reduce my risk going into winter, and be the absolute healthiest me possible, but I don’t know how. Can you help?”

This wish compelled Dr. Blum to create Immune System Strong – an 8-week program designed to empower you with her  LIVE Immune System Strong classes that feature tangible “next steps you will be able to immediately implement, as well as, community, accountability, and access to the answers you need on a daily basis, including multiple group sessions with our lead health coach.

Join our community and you will be on your way to virus-proofing your immune system and living healthy with less worry and better health.

Immune System Strong features 4 LIVE online classes with Dr. Blum, specifically tailored to improve your immune system. It also includes 8 LIVE Q&A calls with our Lead Health Coach, Melissa Rapoport. As a fully immersive experience, this program includes all the materials you need — an e-guide that outlines every step in detail, a workbook, weekly action plans, shopping lists, food plans, and recipes. In addition, you will gain access to the group’s private Facebook community where you can interact with your coach, and other members of the group.

Immune System Strong is unique — you have Dr. Blum as your guide and teacher, and unparalleled support to fortify your immune system to ward off the viruses as we head into winter.

Refund Policy: This product is non-refundable after the first session and cannot be returned in its entirety as the price includes digitally printed material ($40 value) which will be deducted from your refund.  Details of our return policy can be found in our Terms of Use >> CLICK HERE.



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