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What Is It?

A community that is committed to healing your arthritis. We provide coaching and a step-by-step plan that’s easy and guided, and gives you the confidence to succeed. You’ll never feel alone. You will learn why food, stress, and gut health are triggers for arthritis and how to fix these root causes to heal your joints.


How does it work?

You will have six 1-hour LIVE coaching sessions with Dr. Blum’s wellness coach, unlimited online support, and a companion guide and journal. You will get educational presentations, recipe and meal planning guides, and tracking tools. You will also join a vibrant and supportive community on our private Facebook page, and Dr. Blum will guide you with bi-weekly email tips and check-ins.


Is it for me?

If you suffer from any kind of arthritis and want to reduce pain and inflammation, this program is for you.


Here's Your Day


Eat a delicious breakfast from a wide selection of included ingredients and recipes.


Eat a delicious lunch from a wide selection of included ingredients and recipes.


Eat a delicious dinner from a wide selection of included ingredients and recipes.

“Functional Medicine offers hope to everyone with a chronic health condition, and to those who simply want to feel better.  Let me show you how. “

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What People are Saying

When I began working with Dr. Blum I had been struggling with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis that I had since I was 5 years old, and was dependent on high doses of prednisone since I was 13. I was also taking high doses of naproxen and had already pummeled my immune system with all sorts of immunosuppressants -- Methotrexate, Anakinra, Embrel, Actemra ... you name it, I had tried them all to get off the prednisone. Following her program so far, I managed to decrease my prednisone and naproxen to a minimal level, and my pain has decreased significantly. I am particularly happy that I was able to get rid of the potent medications that had a destructive effect on my body and that only gave me temporary relief.

Gaetan Lataillade

“When I began working with Dr. Blum I was struggling with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Raynaud’s Disease. Prior to seeing Dr. Blum I had met with a very well-known rheumatologist who felt I needed to be on lots of different medications to treat my symptoms. These medicines had a long list of side effects, including blindness. I was so anxious that at 40-years old I was already diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and may need medication for a very long time.” Dr. Blum told me that if I followed her protocol she could help me 100%. I now have no more rheumatoid factor and I do not suffer from Raynaud’s Disease. I am so grateful to Dr. Blum. She has not just given me the gift of health but also made me look and feel better than I ever felt before. I live life to the fullest now and have a very positive outlook. Dr. Blum has changed the way I approach food and life.”

Cheryl Harris