Healing Arthritis Challenge

With Dr. Susan Blum

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Dr. Susan Blum

Best-selling author and the foremost expert on healing and treating arthritis.

It is her mission to help people live an arthritis free life. Her work has helped to heal, treat, and prevent chronic diseases for nearly two decades.

She is the founder of the internationally recognized Blum Center for Health and Author of the best-selling book The Immune System Recovery Plan.

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Arthritis is the #1 disability in the country and more than 50 million people suffer from it.

The good news is that arthritis can be treated, prevented, and even healed by addressing the cause of your inflammation.

I have spent thousands of hours researching and treating arthritis. Whether you have Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, or other chronic arthritis conditions, this Challenge will help you live a pain-free life.

How the Challenge works?

Over 10 weeks with Melissa Rapoport, my Lead Health Coach at Blum Center for Health, we will teach and coach you to a pain-free life based on my 3-Step Arthritis Protocol from my best-selling book, Healing Arthritis.

During each week of the ground-breaking program, you will be fully supported with a straight-forward plan designed to heal your arthritis.

In this ground-breaking 10-week step-by-step program, you will learn how to:

Arthritis Type
Radically eliminate pain by eating the right foods and taking the right supplements.
Radically eliminate pain by eating the right foods and taking the right supplements.
Find, treat and reduce inflammation and say goodbye to swollen, achy and reddened joints.
Digestive Tract
Learn why the health of your digestive tract can cause arthritis and what you can do to heal it.
Learn how stress and trauma can trigger arthritis and receive effective tools to prevent this.
Stay pain free
Understand why quick fixes don’t work and how to stay arthritis and pain free.
Potentially lower your medication and stop taking drugs.
New habits
Learn how to create new habits that will sustain your pain-free life!
Why this program works:


You’ll be part of an exclusive community that is committed to healing your arthritis and staying connected during the Challenge. You’ll never feel alone on your journey to becoming pain-free.


You’ll work with a live coach and follow a guided step-by-step plan that’s easy, inspiring and that will get you results.


For nearly 20 years, I have helped people treat, heal and prevent arthritis including my own, with my Healing Arthritis 3-Step protocol.


Our health coaches are available to support you every step of the way.

This Challenge is right for you if you:

  • Are ready to live pain free
  • Are ready to stop feeling stressed and tired all the time
  • Love being active and want to stay that way
  • Want to learn how to eat to lower inflammation
  • Already have health goals, but can’t seem to stay on track
  • Want to live your healthiest and happiest life possible
  • Enjoy learning new ideas from experts that will keep you healthy
  • Want to feel great again

Success Stories:

My arthritis was so severe I could barely walk. Since I have started (the challenge) my arthritis has improved. I am off anti-inflammatory drugs and take no medications during the day. I am definitely going to be a success story. It’s so lovely to have hope again!

I have good news, I am off Celebrex! I’ve been on it or one of its precursors or prednisone every day for over 40 years. Yay!

I woke up today feeling so well! No pain and good energy. I am returning to work full-time again after dropping down to 3 days a week 5 years ago!
Jacyln, FL

Very impressed with the professionalism of this Challenge and how thorough and sensitive Dr. Blum and her team are. The guide is filled with so much detail about the supplements, the importance of avoiding stress and has great recipes. Love the meditations. With all this help, it’s hard not be be successful. Carpe Diem!
Patrice, USA

Thank you, Dr. Blum and Melissa. You are both truly special people and I can tell by your demeanor and actions that you truly care about helping people. I have lost 23 lbs. and am still losing. I am able to stand and do my weekly ironing with no pain. It’s been many years since I was able to do that!
Fran, GA

I am feeling better! My head is more clear, improved focus, less pain and inflammation. I am not longer having flares! My toxicity score (MSQ) has decreased by 41 points. My anti-CPP dropped more than 400 points! This is a great program if you are struggling with improving on your own, or even under the guidance of a conventional medical practitioner. I am very grateful to have found this healing program.
Eileen H, Alberta

Before I signed up for the Healing Arthritis Challenge I was struggling with muscle and joint pain, fatigue, candida, hives, brain fog, and no motivation. Because of the Healing Arthritis Challenge I can now get out of bed without pain. I am much more functional and most importantly know how to manage my life by the food I eat. It was so evident that Dr. Blum and her health coach Melissa truly care about their patients. The time and information given to us is so worth it. I recommend the Challenge to anyone who has arthritis and wants to heal it.
Maria C., New York

Take the Challenge

If you’re ready to start healing your arthritis today, join me and hundreds of others for the Healing Arthritis Challenge. The Challenge is a Lifestyle Program and will help you make the changes needed to heal your gut and heal your arthritis.

Come join us and learn about food, stress, and sleep, and get amazing support along the way. While supplements will add benefits especially if you have severe arthritis, they are not required for you to benefit from the program!

What you will receive
  • A 10 Week Course led by Dr. Susan Blum and Melissa Rapoport, MA, CFMHC
  • 5 hour-long class lessons led by Dr. Blum. Topics include Intro to Arthritis, Healing Your Gut, Stress & Arthritis, and Reintroduction after completing your arthritis protocol.
  • 5 Live Coaching Sessions led by Melissa Rapoport
  • Leaky Gut Diet for Arthritis Food Plan
  • Delicious and easy arthritis-approved recipes
  • Meditations and Learn to Relax Strategies
  • A supportive online community – you won’t be alone on your journey!
  • Access to video replays and downloadable content

See the full course outline

Healing Arthritis Challenge
Course Outline
  • Week 1: Arthritis 101 On Demand with Dr. Blum
    Leaky Gut Diet for Arthritis, Shopping Lists, Supplement Charts and live kick off session!
  • Week 2: Learn to Relax Begins
    Action plans, begin our Learn to Relax program and live coaching with Melissa.
  • Week 3: Gut Repair On Demand with Dr. Blum
    A lesson on the microbiome with Dr. Blum and gut healthy recipes for you to try.
  • Week 4: Intensive Gut Repair Continues
    Plus coaching tips, action plans, recipes and meditations.
  • Week 5: LIVE Q&A with Dr. Blum
    Lesson with Dr. Blum, tips on how to handle cravings and getting a great nights sleep.
  • Week 6: Intensive Gut Repair Continues
    More coaching with Melissa, soft belly breathing and a delicious breakfast recipe.
  • Week 7: Stress On Demand with Dr. Blum
    A deep dive with Dr. Blum on how stress impacts your immune system. Plus coaching and more!
  • Week 8: Live Q&A with Dr. Blum
    Get your questions answered in this interactive session with Dr. Blum
  • Week 9: You’re Almost There!
    Dr. Blum will walk you through reintroducing foods back into your diet, plus a delicious recipe for Spaghetti Squash with Pesto and Chopped Salad.
  • Week 10: Congratulations!
    You’ve made it! Melissa will provide a plan for the next few months so you can continue to live a pain-free life.
Add Supplements to your Challenge
Supplement Add On

We’ve bundled together all of the supplements you may need to support your healing during the program. They are not required for you to join the Challenge but will be helpful to you if you choose to take them!

  • Omega Fatty Acids: 2 bottles
  • Omega GLA
  • Multi w/Antioxidants
  • Vitamin D3 5000
  • Super Curcumin: 2 bottles
  • Vitamin C
  • Collagen Complex: 2 bottles
  • Soothe Protein Powder
  • Probiotics
  • Strengthen L-Glutamine Powder
  • 30-Day Gut Cleanse Box
  • GI Cleansing Herbs

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Colleague Endorsments:

David Perlmutter, MD
Healing Arthritis leverages the most leading edge medical research. This book will pave the way for dramatic improvement for countless individuals suffering from arthritis.

Mark Hyman, MD
Dr. Blum’s groundbreaking book, The Immune System Recovery Plan, lays out a clear road map to recovery for the millions of people needlessly suffering from autoimmune disease and provides solutions for changes in diet, supplements, and environment that can help people deal with and even reverse autoimmune conditions.

Amy Myers, MD
Dr. Blum has done it again! Healing Arthritis is a ground-breaking, science-based, easy-to-follow prescription for restoring your health and treating your joint pain. Read it for yourself and then give it to the people you love!

Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D
Dr. Susan Blum has made the complexity of arthritis simple to understand through a clinical program she developed in her practice that really works. This is a “news to use” book for all people looking for solutions to the pain and inflammation of arthritis.

Curious about the program? Watch this intro video from Coach Melissa from Week 1 of the course!