The Immune System
Recovery Plan

A Doctor’s 4-Step Program
to Treat Autoimmune Disease


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Using food as medicine

The single most powerful lifestyle change you can make to heal your immune system is to change the food you eat. Learn simple strategies that make a big difference.


Understanding the stress connection

Stress has a huge impact on your immune system, but you can take back control. Learn how to stay in balance even when life gets rocky.


Healing your gut and digestive system

You must have a healthy gut to have a healthy immune system. Lay a strong foundation with the HealMyGut program.


Optimizing liver function

Helping your liver excrete stored toxins will help repair your immune system. It’s easier than you think.


Susan Blum, MD, MPH

When I discovered that I had Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (HT) I made it my mission to find the causes of the disease. I researched HT and began to apply what I learned for myself and for my patients. In the end, I made two discoveries.

The first was that HT has similar origins and triggers to every other autoimmune condition. The second was something that changed my life forever. I discovered that we don’t have to spend the rest of our lives just “managing” our conditions, we can cure them. There are options besides taking prescription drugs!




"Dr. Blum’s groundbreaking book, The Immune System Recovery Plan, lays out a clear road map to recovery for the millions of people needlessly suffering from autoimmune disease and provides solutions for changes in diet, supplements, and environment that can help people deal with and even reverse autoimmune conditions."


Medical Director at Cleveland Clinic's Center for Functional Medicine, the Founder of The UltraWellness Center, and a ten-time #1 New York Times Best Selling author

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