GI Cleansing Herbs


Herbal antimicrobial blend to treat gut dysbiosis and digestive symptoms.

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We recommend GI Cleansing Herbs for

  • Step 2 of the Arthritis Protocol
  • Step 3 of the Immune System Recovery Plan
  • Anyone with digestive symptoms like gas, bloating, reflux, constipation
  • A less intense option compared to our Gut Cleanse Box


GI Cleansing Herbs is our go-to blend of botanical extracts with a long history of use for supporting a healthy gastrointestinal microbial balance. It contains berberine sulfate, artemisinin (sweet wormwood), tribulus extract, magnesium caprylate, bearberry extract (Uva Ursi), and black walnut hulls.

Made with non-GMO ingredients.

Supplement Facts

Key Ingredients

Tribulus Extract (tribulus terrestris), magnesium cpaprylate


Take 2 capsules before or with breakfast.  

For more intense treatment, take an additional 2 capsules before or with dinner.


CAUTION: Not indicated for pregnant or nursing women. It may be wise to work with a healthcare practitioner to monitor liver enzymes and hemoglobin when using this product. Combining with antioxidants or iron may theoretically decrease effectiveness. Detoxification reactions may be experienced by some individuals. In rare cases may cause idiosyncratic liver dysfunction