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5 Ways to Make Your Health Goals A Reality

Functional Medicine Health Coach

Let’s jump to the chase: New Year’s Resolutions don’t work.

Thanksgiving hits and all through December we say to ourselves, “Come January 1st all this is going to change.” Year in and year out. 

But, does it?

Does everything change?

The answer for over 95% of us? A big, fat NOPE.

The reality is, that every single day is a “clean slate” opportunity. 

We put a tremendous amount of pressure on the first day of the year. 

But think about this: Putting all your eggs in the basket once a year gives you only ONE OPPORTUNITY. 

Thinking about everyday as a clean slate gives you 365 OPPORTUNITIES!

Regardless of whether you’re into New Year’s Resolutions, there are ways you can make your goals achievable any time of year. 


5 Ways to Make Your Health Goals a Reality

Focus on one goal at a time: Trying to change multiple aspects of your life at once can be overwhelming. Concentrate on one resolution until you feel confident in your progress before adding another one.

Make realistic and specific goals: Setting vague and unachievable goals sets you up for failure. Instead, be clear about what you want to achieve and ensure it is within your capabilities. For instance, don’t commit to getting washboard abs, start with “I’ll workout for a minimum of 10 minutes, three times a week.”

Break it down: Breaking your goal into smaller, manageable steps makes it easier to achieve. This way, progress can be easily measured, keeping motivation high.

Celebrate milestones: Recognize and celebrate the small victories along the way. These milestones serve as positive reinforcement, helping you maintain motivation and continue striving towards your goal. Take a vacation day, get a massage, do something that makes you happy. (Ummm, not a food reward – that creates another habit to break!)

Find support: Share your goal with friends and family (not frenemies who undermine your goals) or join a support group – both can provide encouragement, advice, and accountability. For the ultimate in support, though, hire a coach! A top-notch coach (ahem, like me) will help you identify the habits and behaviors that hold you back from progress, and help you “rewire” them. 


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