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An Update on Supplement Usage During the Coronavirus Pandemic

An Update on Supplement Usage During the Coronavirus Pandemic

As of 5.8.20

By the team at Blum Center for Health:  Susan S. Blum, MD, MPH; Pamela Yee, MD; Elizabeth Greig MSN, FNP 

As the days turn into weeks, we are learning more and more about how this virus behaves, and what we might do to support our immune system to better protect ourselves.  From a Functional/Integrative medicine perspective, thus far we have been focusing on nutrients and herbs that have been well studied, in general, for their ability to support, modify or boost the immune system.  I have been talking and writing extensively on helping people to choose the right supplements.

Today, I have updated this blog to reflect new information that I want to share with you.  

Summary of what we’ve already discussed so far:

ACE receptors:  We have learned that this virus uses the ACE receptor on cells to gain entry.  This led to alarm bells in the Integrative Medicine community because we have read that one of the many actions of Vitamins D could be to increase the number of ACE receptors on the cells.  HOWEVER, now, after reading the most recent studies on this topic, it appears that what’s more important is the level of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme 2 (ACE 2) in the blood, and NOT the amount of receptors.  And since Vitamin D might help reduce the levels of ACE 2 (a good thing), it appears that the concern about ACE receptors is a thing of the past and we can safely take Vitamin D.

Cytokine storm:  When the virus gets going in your body, it can sometimes create something called a cytokine storm, which is when your immune system reacts vigorously and releases an enormous amount of chemicals (cytokines) and free radicals to destroy the virus. Specifically, it is caused by activation of NFKB and an overacting NLRP3 Inflammasone, the system that makes these cytokines.  

There is concern that in some people, among other things, the cytokine storm contributes to the lung damage that we hear about.  We have been reading about the possibility that some immune boosting vitamins might make the cytokine storm worse by increasing the NLRP3 inflammasone system.  Many of you have been contacting us, asking for guidance on this.

Here is new information, as of May 8, 2020.  

We are changing our recommendations based on the release of a comprehensive review by the Institute for Functional Medicine, of the following supplements.

We must state that there are no studies that prove that any of the below supplements contribute to a cytokine storm, and there is now a widespread understanding that these supplements are all safe to take, and will not have a negative effect on cytokine storm, if it happens.  

**Please note that these recommendations are NOT medical advice.  Most are not safe for pregnant women, and if you are taking medication or have any serious health condition, please check with your doctor.


Vitamin D:  5000 IU daily in absence of serum levels from a blood test.  

Vitamin A:  up to 10,000 – 25,000 IU/day  

Vitamin C:  1-3 grams daily

Elderberry:  500 mg daily (of USP standard of 17% anthocyanosides)

Beta Glucans:  250 – 500 mg daily

Mushrooms:  Shiitake, Lion’s mane, Maitake, Reishi.  Dose depends on preparation

N-Acetylcysteine (NAC):  600 – 900 mg twice/day


Zinc:  30 – 60 mg daily in divided doses

Licorice root:  200-400 mg/day in divided doses, standardized to glycyrrhizin.  Short term use <4 weeks.

Also Vitamin C


Resveratrol:  100 – 150 mg daily

Melatonin:  5-20 mg daily

PEA:  Palmitoylethanolamide:  300 mg twice/day for prevention.  600 mg 3 x daily for 2 weeks to treat infection.


Curcumin:  500 – 100 mg twice/day.  Choose absorption enhanced.  

EGCG:  4 cups daily or 225 mg daily

Chinese Skullcap:  750-1500 mg/day.   Standardized to flavonoids baicalin or baicalein.

Quercitin:  1 gram twice/day.  Phytosome:  500 mg twice/day


  • Supplements: 
    • We suggest choosing supplements from each category so that you have the broadest support possible.  
    • You don’t need to take ALL of the recommended vitamins and herbs.  
    • As a core program, make sure to take Vitamin D, C, and Zinc.
    • Next, the most common that we recommend are Vitamin A, Curcumin and Mushrooms (or Beta Glucan).
    • After that you can choose additional supplements from the list above as desired or needed.
    • You can find our COVID Immune recommendations for purchase on Fullscript.  Click here to sign up and order from that dispensary.
  • Remember, if you develop a fever, consider not taking any fever suppressing medication because fever helps kill the virus.  However, it is dangerous to let your fever go over 103, and so if you need it, consider taking Tylenol (Acetominophen) instead of ibuprofen (Advil).  It appears that ibuprofen may make things worse.  This is another area that is rapidly evolving, and if you can’t find Tylenol in the stores, you should speak to your doctor about other options.
  • Here are the things you should STILL DO for risk reduction: 
    • Good gut health: which means lots of beneficial bacteria. Take a probiotic every day with at least 20 billion cfu of mixed strains lactobacillus and bifidus species. 
    • Balanced stress hormones: Get a good night’s sleep and don’t overwork yourself during flu season. Stress harms your ability to fight viruses.  Practice some form of mediation daily.  Melissa, Blum Center’s Health Coachwrote a great blog with tips for managing stress during this time. 
    • Eat foods that are good for your immune system: Avoid processed foods and focus on fruits and veggies that are rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Support the removal of toxins by eating lots of cruciferous veggies, which boost the detox system in your liver.

Sending prayers and good wishes for you and all of us to stay safe and well during this challenging time. 


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